Hello, Meet Your New Self

I was recently scrolling through a gallery of quotes from celebrities as they related to mental illness.  A quote from the actress Lena Dunham really resonated with me.  As I read the quote, I thought to myself, this is spot on.  This is what it feels like to be receiving and responding well to treatment.  This is what recovery looks and feels like.  Living with an untreated mental illness is like living in a constant fog.  Your memory is foggy, your thoughts are all over the place and you are living in a shell of a body.  Once a person has been receiving treatment on a consistent basis, you feel like you have become introduced to a new person that you did not previously know.  Wow, is this me?  This is who I really am.  These were a couple of thoughts that crossed my mind as I found confidence in my new relationship, with myself.

You have more clarity about your thoughts, beliefs and feelings, and are more focused and able to reference conversations from the past with ease. It is a basic human necessity to be able to know yourself and feel that you are in tune with your mind and thoughts.  Some of us can do this without assistance, and some of us need a little bit of help.