Welcome to The Beautiful Brain Collective Blog

Being diagnosed with a mental illness is the equivalent of being hit with a ton of bricks.  There are so many emotions that accompany the diagnosis.  Denial and shame are two emotions that come to mind.  The perception of a person with a mental illness is usually someone who is disheveled, dirty, and talks to themselves.  This has been the image that has represented mental illness for years.  This description is not an accurate account and does not fully represent all individuals who suffer from a mental health disorder.  Since I have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, I am more aware of the stigmas and stereotypes that are present.  Having a mental illness is not the end of the world.  It does mean that there is hard work involved. The hard work is keeping your illness under control and learning to thrive despite having a condition.  The purpose of the Beautiful Brain Collective Blog is to shatter the stigma surrounding mental illness by promoting positive living and healthy lifestyles.  This is a safe space to openly and honestly discuss mental health and ways to thrive while facing your disease head on.