Mental Health First Aid for All

I have a natural interest in defeating the negative stereotypes and stigmas that surround mental health disorders.  One in five adults will experience a mental health illness in each year.  While many people are still oblivious to these statistics, it is imperative to let everyone know the truth about mental illness and mental health disorders.  Mental illness does not discriminate and can strike anyone at any time.  This information is crucial for everyone to know if they or a loved one experience a mental health crisis.

While doing some research on the topic, I came across a mental health first aid class.  The class was created back in 2001 in Australia.  It is an 8-hour class and at the end of the class participants can identify warning signs, and risk factors for someone who may be in crisis.  The class teaches you strategies on how to deal with individuals who are dealing with mental health issues and how to assist them. 

After reading about the class, I decided it would be a good idea to take the class and see what I would learn.  As a person who has experience with mental illness, I thought that the class was very informative and would be very beneficial for the masses to have access to this type of training.  The mentally ill are often mishandled and many times mistreated and that may be because there is a lack of knowledge and empathy on the part of the public with how to deal with them.  This mental health first aid class should be mandatory training for authorities, law enforcement officials, and educators should they ever find themselves faced with this situation. CPR classes are readily available and mental health first aid should be as well.    

There was so much information, and this is a good way to get the word out about mental illness and what to do if one encounters a person who is in the middle of a crisis.    

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