You are NOT Crazy

Crazy. Psycho. Looney. Nutty. Wack-Job. Hack.  These are some of the negative words that are used to describe people with mental health problems.  These words are negative, hurtful and an inaccurate description of people who live and struggle with mental illness on a daily basis.  Using these words do 2 things, firstly it demeans the mentally ill and it also perpetuates the negative stereotypes that are associated with mentally illness.  The stigma surrounding mental health is alarming and the lack of knowledge and compassion adds to the fact that many mentally ill people are suffering in silence and are not getting the assistance and empathy that they need.  They fear being judged and also viewed as weak. A mental health issues can be debilitating, just as devastating as a physical illness if not more.  The time has come for those of us who have been dealt the mental disease card to be accepted, understood, and embraced by those who have not.