My New Morning Routine

As I become more and more comfortable with my new-found stability, I have decided to incorporate some positive daily rituals in my morning routine. These practices make me feel better throughout the day, and I also feel that this leads to more productivity overall.  Here are four things that I have added into my routine to make my mornings more positive.

1.Wake up at the same time every morning.   Waking up at the same time has made my body adjust to a schedule. 

2. Read something positive and spiritual.  I have book that has a message for every day of the year.  I read this book and I can reflect on the words as they relate my life and my situation. 

3. Say a daily prayer. Every morning I say a daily prayer for my friends and family, I also express gratitude at that time.

4.Do a morning meditation.  Incorporating a morning meditation has helped me immensely in clearly my mind and setting my goals and intentions for the day as well as ridding myself of negative energy.

While recovery, and mental maintenance are a work in progress and need to be worked on every day, these daily practices help me maintain good spirits and a positive outlook overall.