Recovery equals happy and content

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I have been on this mental health recovery journey for over a year and a half now.

It has been a series of ups and downs.  When I began this journey, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I wanted to manage my mental health issues in a healthy manner. That was the extent of my expectations.

My recovery started with going to therapy weekly, and seeing my psychiatrist every 8 weeks.  

I made a vow to myself, to continue therapy and my psychiatry appointments even when I started feeling better.  In the past, there were times when I would start treatment for my mental health disorders and then as soon as I started feeling a little better I would immediately discontinue my treatment.  This I now know was a big mistake.

This last attempt (over a year ago) at regaining my stability was different,  I wanted this to be a success and I was willing to do so at all costs. Before I found my current therapist, I had talked to several therapists before making a decision to work with her.  Finding a therapist alone can be a stressful situation. There is the stress of looking for the therapist and the wondering if the two of you will mesh well together.

Working with my current therapist has been life-changing for me.  

In therapy I have learned the skills that I need to manage and maintain my illness.  Beyond that I did some much needed work on myself. I really got down to the core of some issues and baggage that I have carried around for many years.  

Recovery has brought me stability, happiness and a sense of contentment.  If it had not been for the decision that I made to make my mental health a process, I would not have uncovered my best life.  

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