Pampering vs. Self Care

pampering vs. self care blog post.png

I think that self-care has got to be one of the buzz words for 2018 

Everywhere I turned I saw the words “self-care”.  On everything.  I saw them on Facebook feeds, and Instagram feeds and everywhere else.  2018 is the year of self-care.  In many of the posts and articles that I came across about the topic there was an allusion that self-care meant getting a mani and pedi, or getting your hair done.  Now, let me say this before I go any further, I love a good mani and pedi and I LOVE to get my hair done but as I think more and more about the topic of self-care, these activities to me do not fall under the category.   These acts of self-kindness or maintenance fall under the category of pampering in my humble ole opinion. 

When I think about self-care I think about the things that I do to recharge my mind, get my energy in a place of calmness, reconnect with myself and listen to my intuition.  These things help me keep my illnesses under control. These are some of the outcomes of my self-care rituals.  My actual self-care practices include: going to the therapist, reading self-development books, watching funny tv shows or movies, and listening to podcasts.  All the things that I just mentioned have a great effect on how I feel mentally and allow me to recharge so that I am ready to face the world head on.

I think that we need a balance of self-care and pampering.  We need to take care of our minds and our bodies, and I think to be well-rounded and in a state of contentment, you cannot have all of one without the other. So just know that from now one, I will be pampering myself, while reciting my affirmations, and participating in my self-care activities. 

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