Good Friends are Good for your Mental Health

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The title of this post seems like it is a no brainer.  

Of course you should have friends that are good for your mental health.  But, this one consideration can be overlooked as you are navigating your way through life and trying to manage your illness, and the ups and downs of everyday life.  I have never been a person with an overflow of friends. I am an introvert, and I am more interested in quality over quantity. I have to say I love my friends, they are great but as I have been on my mental health journey, I did not realize how important they are!  Before I was actually diagnosed I would have my periods of being MIA, I would brush off plans and do other things that are consistent with a person who is in crisis. For years it was like this and frankly, I seemed like a big ole flake. I mean looking back at some of the stuff that I had done, I would think that I was a flake also.  

One of the turning points for me in my interactions with my friends was my willingness and level of comfort with sharing my diagnosis with them.  

I had to get to a point where I was comfortable talking about it to the people in my life. That took some time. Once I let them in on what I was dealing with, my behaviors from the past suddenly had a reason for it.  It took some time to get to that point, I am glad that I finally got there.

Having friends in your life that know about my diagnosis and understands how I am affected by my illness has been a tremendous effect on my recovery.  

When I am with them, I feel normal, I feel like myself, and that is the time when I can really kick back, unwind, and enjoy myself. I need that. I think, that we all need people like that in our lives.  Having good friends who love, support, and accept you no matter what can make the difference in a recovery success story, and a recovery not so successful story.

Do You Boo!

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Everyday as I move deeper and deeper into my mental health recovery,

I learn something new everyday.  My stability has made me more mindful and aware of what is happening around me instead of living in a bubble.  While I have become more mindful and aware of what is going on, this time has also allowed me more time with myself, I have had much more time to think and actually listen to my spirit and my intuition. During this time of discovery, I have had to think about what the key to my happiness really is?  Can a person with a mental health disorder actually be happy?

Yes!  The answer is yes.  A person with a mental health disorder can be happy and have a great  life. Do you boo! The question that you need to answer and think about  is what will make you happy? What actions would you need to take so that you can live your best possible life.  I know that the answer for everyone will be different. For me, when I started to do my own thing, that was the moment that I set myself free, and found my own happiness.  

Do you boo!  That’s what I tell myself.  That is one of the mottos that I live by.  It is okay to say yes to myself. It is okay to say no to myself.  But the most important thing about this is that I am authentic to myself.  I am making decisions that are in alignment with the life that I want to lead.  My goal in life is to live a great life while managing my mental health disorder.

Photo by Rodrigo Borges de Jesus on Unsplash

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