How Art Portrays Mental Illness

I am an art lover.  I get instantly excited when I see an artist tackle a subject so dear to my heart such as mental illness.  While we know that there are so many people dealing with mental health issues, many people still choose to turn a blind eye to this subject.  My love of art passion for shattering the stigma collide in this series that was created by artist Eisen Bernard Bernardo.  The series is called “Keep it Together”.  What is so interesting about this particular series is that he works with paperclips in each piece.  He depicts anxiety, depression, and several others in the series.  It is very interesting his use of the paper clip, and even the reason behind using the paper clip.  Above, is just one of the images from the series which depicts Anxiety.  The complete series can be seen by clicking on the link below.  I love how artists use different mediums to get their point across on such a serious subject matter.  I would love to know what you think about this series?